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On a slow day in Show Biz, Whitney Houston is still a front-page story.  That’s to be expected when such a superstar – and a well-liked one at that – passes away so suddenly.  Her passing coupled with the Grammys have catapulted her albums into the Top Five on no less than iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon’s sales charts.  Planning is underway for her funeral, to be televised live from Newark, New Jersey, while her celebrity friends continue to reminisce about her.  The man who discovered her, Clive Davis, gave this insight on Whitney’s genius: “She finds meaning and depth and soulfulness in a song that often the writer and composer never really knew was there.”  Whitney fans, do you agree?

As it happens, we remain on the same subject of death and loss today:–  Though we all know about the Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher, Liz Taylor affair, fewer people know about its parallel in the musicians’ fraternity.  On the rebound from her breakup with Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow was the blameworthy Woman in Red in this instance.  She had an affair with famed conductor and pianist Andre Previn and stole him away from his lyricist wife, Dory Previn.  Dory Previn has passed away at 86.  Her deep musical expressions of wracking pain and sorrow stemming from her broken marriage brought her quite a cult following.

In some older news, someone who calls herself Madonna chastised a performer for showing the middle finger during the Super Bowl halftime show.  She does have a point, but has anyone told her that bit about throwing the first stone?  Apparently not . . . .

On a lighter note, youthful Adele is still at the top of Billboard but oldie Van Halen has just debuted at number two – amazing, eh?  Who’ll be number one next week – Adele or Eddie?  Or could it just be an ‘itney’?  (Whitney or Britney?)

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