Justin Bieber: The Twitter-Master!

Justin BieberHi All!

Whaddya know – we have a grandad-grandkid theme again today!

Beauty before age, so grandkids go first.

A while back I had blogged about Nickelodeon’s KCAs. British teen band One Direction had performed at the awards and, it appears, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift had grooved to their music.  Excited by the dancing dolls and falling for MTVs set-up questions, a few band-members are now dreaming about more attention from the dolls; any of them.  And that would make her an – ‘older woman’!  I’m tempted to say, “Keep dreaming, boys,” but it would take only one madcap female to prove me wrong!  So— silence is golden.

Grandkid Justin Bieber is a Twitter-Master.  He has been tweeting and teasing his fans about his upcoming music-video for ‘Boyfriend’ (lead single from the to-be-released album ‘Believe’).  The boy’s also been tweeting fluff and factoids about both the video and the album, driving up his fans’ suspense levels to crazy heights.  Now let’s hope the music-video is not a let-down.

The ‘One Direction of 1970 were The Rolling Stones (albeit rather less wholesome) and now these grandads are in the news, courtesy of guitarist Ronnie Wood.  Wood is busy with his own painting and solo career but he spilt some beans on the Stones.  He said that the band’s Golden Anniversary is coming up this year and so they’re going into a studio “to throw some idea around,” “to go into training.”  Are the grandads making a new album?  Sure sounds like it!

Cyndi Lauper cannot be classed with The Rolling Stones being of relatively more recent vintage; the 80s.  Though she ain’t no grandma, she *is* one hot mama!  Cyndi Lauper, of ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun Fame’ is someone Mad-onna has aped, if only a little.  Come Autumn, a Simon & Schuster imprint will be publishing a memoir from Lauper.  I wonder how she’ll dish the dirt on.  Mad-onna, better mend your fences with Cyndi now . . . .



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