One ‘Made’ Bad Girl, Another ‘in the Making’?

Hallo out there,

It’s a happening Wednesday so let’s jump straight into the news puddle.

Bad Girl Rihanna has paid no heed to my matchmaking advice of yesterday; she has not tried to entice Austin Powers into proposing to her.  Rather, she seems to be getting back together with her convicted abuser, Chris Brown.  Over the weekend Rihanna and Brown tweeted about their musical collaboration.  Each has been the beneficiary of the other singer’s voice ‘over-laid’ on an original song that was subsequently released as a new remixed version.  Confused by my phrasing?  Don’t worry – just focus on the word ‘Remix’ . . . yeah, baby, yeah!

The music has ceased but Michael Jackson still continues to make waves.  Only a few days back we reported on a fresh lawsuit filed by his estate against a former manager.  Now, a Los Angeles County judge has struck AEG Live as defendants from a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the singer’s father, Joe Jackson.  AEG are already defendants in another lawsuit filed by the singer’s mother, prior to the new one filed by his estate.  To streamline matters, California is designating one court as ‘Court Number MJ’; it will be dedicated solely to Michael Jackson lawsuits.

At last night’s Brit Awards in London Adele bagged British female singer and British album awards – no surprise.  But what made the news is that, somewhat out of character, Adele showed the middle finger – but, in all honesty, there were extenuating circumstances.  Within moments of beginning her acceptance speech for her second award, Adele was brusquely cut off, leading to her spontaneous act of frustration.  As she put it, “I . . . flung the middle finger . . . . to the suits at the Brit Awards, not to my fans.”  In a funny sequel, the Brit Awards’ organizers issued an apology to Adele, as did the emcee!

And hot off the (word)press, the next track to be issued as a single from the multi-platinum, multi-award album 21 will be Rumour Has It.

Go, Engerr-land!



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