Birthday Bashes, Gypsy Earrings, and Sex Scandals

Aretha FranklinHello out there,

It’s only Monday but it’s Ladies Night at the Lyrster already!  That’s because the ladies are the ones making the news, and today we have a venerable legend, a low-profile hitmaker, and a rank unknown!

The venerable legend is Aretha ‘Queen of Soul’ Franklin.  She has made a dual news splash.  First, she hit three-score-and-ten and is still going strong – so strong that she will soon make a new album!  Franklin had a posh 70th birthday party on Saturday at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel, replete with banquet, dance performance and a short concert.  In attendance was her mentor, Clive Davis.  Though the album is not concretized, it appears to be nailed on that Franklin, with Davis as producer, will be getting into the studios this year and will put out an LP – oops, that’s what they used to put out in Aretha’s glory years; now it’s just an ‘album’, usually digital.  (That said, perhaps some of my readers have heard that vinyl is refusing to die?)

It’s not exactly news that Canadian chanteuse Nelly Furtado, who keeps a low profile and doesn’t get up to Mad-onna- or Rihanna-style antics, has an album, ‘T.S.I.’, slated for summer release.  But whenever this old-fashioned gal comes out of her shell, it’s news!  And she created news on Saturday by informing that her upcoming single is all about ‘Big Hoops (Bigger The Better).’  (It’s probably about Maria Sharapova’s taste in earrings – gypsy earrings.)  What’s more, she gave an interview with what seems like a deliberately, somewhat mischievously, goofy beginning!  Given the kind of sensationalism many of her female peers indulge in, it’s worth listening to Nelly’s smart and articulate two-minute chat.

Talk about ‘sensationalism’ – that segues us very well into our rank unknown, one Tulisa someone (does anyone care who?).  This aspiring singer, even before releasing a single track, has become the victim of a sex scandal . . . or, hmm, the cause and the beneficiary of the sex scandal, perhaps?  Her single, officially due out in May, is all about making youthful mistakes – and there we have the young lady making a youthful mistake by participating in raunch sex videos which somehow find their way on the Web.  Oh yes, her lawyers have obtained an injunction against the video being posted on the Web so now, foom!– the sex video is suddenly gone from the Web.  I’ll take news Aretha-style and Nelly-style any day.

Come on music-biz men – don’t be so staid.  Make some news else it’ll be Ladies Night at the Lyrster Monday through Friday!