It’s a Bad News ‘Blue Monday’

LionelHiya Music-Lovers,

What a way to start the week – bad news, bad news and bad news!  Reminds me of the Fats Domino hit, ‘Blue Monday’.

Lionel Richie has made welcome and unwelcome news in one and the same month.  You know the welcome news if you’ve been reading this blog – it’s a hit album, ‘Tuskegee’.  The unwelcome news is that the country’s official Mob – er, I mean the IRS – say he owes them a cool million bucks and that they’ll start seizing his possessions if doesn’t cough up the extorted ransom – er, I mean the ‘owed taxes’.  Lucky for Richie he just scored a hit with ‘Tuskegee’; it should clear up his ‘misunderstanding’ with the extortionists and gangsters – er, I mean ‘the Feds’.

This past Saturday The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame held a ceremony to induct this year’s honorees. What made the news were two notable absentees: Rod Stewart and Axl Rose.  They stayed away for extremely different reasons.

Stewart was, in his words, “devastated” to be unable to attend the induction as a member of the band ‘Faces’.  Not too big a deal since he has already been inducted as a solo artist a long time back.  Rod ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy’ Stewart could not attend because he is down with flu and if you’ve got a dripping nose, nobody thinks you’re ‘sexy’ . . .

Though all the other Guns ‘n’ Roses band members were present at the ceremony, erstwhile leader Axl Rose was absent.  He made good on his promise to give it a miss.  As with everything about that volatile, edgy band, Rose’s exact reasons are unknown – his confused statement did not shed much light on the ‘whys’.  Let’s just say he was put-out about something.

The worst news is about Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.  I had mentioned that he was in a London hospital, suffering from pneumonia.  Now, he has taken a turn for the worse and is comatose with his wife and immediate family members keeping vigil by his bedside.  Gibb’s health has taken quite a battering, what with his cancer and tumour-removal operation, and now his current illness.  All one can do is what his son Robin-John is doing: “pray for him . . .” as the prognosis appears increasingly bleak.

It’s a ‘Blue Monday’ – Fats, take it away.

Till tomorrow,