Of fame and shame, of Beyonce and Ted Nugent

Beyonce KnowlesHallo Music-Lovers,

You know it’s a slow news day in the music world when People Magazine’s choice of ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ gets all the coverage.  But wait— Beyonce is a music-biz person!  So Music-Lovers’ ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Thank Yous’ are very much in order to Beyonce for winning an ‘open’ award for the Music Biz, no?  That said, these days we have a bevy of lovely young lasses adorning the Music Biz, specially those in the Country Music genre, and I wonder if some jealous claws aren’t being unsheathed . . . .

Looks like we’re doing unusual news today so let’s continue on that track, going from fame to shame.  The exact, full story is too convoluted to go into here but suffice it to say that conservative (fundamentalist?) rocker Ted Nugent has pled guilty on a misdemeanour count, the wrongful acts being to have wounded one black bear in Alaska and then shot another.  He has been slapped with no less than five penalties, albeit all of them minor, ranging from (two) fines to a public service announcement.  I think Nugent and Lady Gaga would make for a *very* good couple . . . .

Do you like lost concerts or lost recordings?  Do you like The Beatles or Carole King?  Both?  Okay, ladies first.

Turns out that Carole King was a fantastic singer waaay before she proved it in 1971.  Some of King’s unreleased sessions were remastered and released recently and the thumbs all seem to be up.  ‘Legendary Demos’ ranges from 60s pop hits like ‘Take Good Care of My Baby’ and ‘Crying in the Rain’ to originals, and from piano-comp tracks to full-band numbers.  Definitely sounds like a buy for Carole King fans.

Just as much a must-see for Beatles fans will be ‘The Beatles: The Lost Concert’.  Some film reels were found of the band’s first U.S. concert in Washington D.C. and, considering that ‘Twist and Shout’ was found on the reels, this is *exciting* news.  This heretofore lost concert was made into a movie, set to premiere in twelve days.  Those who have seen “A Hard Day’s Night” will not miss this, that’s for sure.

Have a Good Day and Fun Night,


The Twelfth of Never starring . . . the Obamas!

Hey thereObama!

Let’s start off with a question:–

Q.  When did or when would *both* the President *and* the First Lady smash their way into *Music Biz* news?

A.  On “The Twelfth of Never” (That’s an awesome song, kids; try the Johnny Mathis version.)

Well, it’s the Twelfth of Never today, and in the starring roles are a fellow with the handle ‘Barack Obama’ and a woman who goes by the name of ‘Michelle Obama’.  Two singers are merely the supporting cast: Beyonce Knowles and Kanye West.

The President suddenly seems to have strong competition for the affections of his lady love, for it doth appear that one Beyonce Knowles is trying to steal her away.  Beyonce very publicly wrote “Love Letters straight from the heart” (that’s another song to check out) to Michelle, posting it on Tumblr.  Beyonce called the First Lady some things her husband must have whispered when they were courting: “loving,” “caring,” “humble,” “truly strong,” “role model,” etc., etc., etc.  After hearing all that, Michelle is probably whining to Barack, “You Don’t Bring me Flowers Any More.” (Song alert!)  Beyonce! Now don’t go being a homebreaker, okay?

In stark contrast to the love-fest between the females, it appears a case of no-love-lost between the men.

President Obama was distinctly unamused with Kanye West’s shenanigans (indeed, he was quite obnoxious) in disrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at MTV’s VMA in September 2009 (and there was a Beyonce connection there, coincidentally).  Barack was so unamused that he had opined that West was “a jackass.”  Bulls-eye; yours truly agrees.

Now, Yahoo News has put out an item about a just-published interview in Atlantic magazine in which Barack was pressed by the interviewer to provide a more well-rounded description of West.  Putting it all together, here’s the Prez’s revised opinion: Kanye West is a “smart, talented jackass.”  Barack, you got only one out of three on that one.

Over to Master ‘Jackass’ West . . . .



Beyonce, Katy, and watzisname — Zameer?

ZameerHello People,

What do Celine Dion, Nelly Furtado, Justin Bieber all have in common?  And what do all of them have in common with Zameer?  Chances are you’re scratching your heads.  Well, the answer to both questions is ‘Canada’.  Dion, Furtado, and the Bieb are big names in the United States from ‘north of the border’ and if Billboard is correct, fellow Canadian Zameer soon will be joining them on the charts.  He is Billboard’s ‘fastest growing artist on social media.’

Zameer is not exactly a newcomer; he has one hit single, ‘Win or Defeat’, to his credit and is about to release his second album.  And it was way back in 2006 that the Toronto Independent Music Awards heralded him as its ‘Best Independent Artist’.  So remember, you heard it here first: Zameer!

Unlike Zameer, singer Beyonce and former singing Spice Girl Victoria Adams (Beckham) are both huge names, and one made the other ‘scream’ – and it wasn’t about music.  Beyonce was doing Manhattan in a sizzling pink blouse over a multicoloured maxi skirt when fashion designer Victoria got her screaming fit.  Turns out she was excited because Beyonce, whom she called “one hot mama,” was wearing one of her outfits!

From pink to blue: Katy Perry.  Katy is also rather better known than Zameer but man-hating feminazi Naomi ‘Beauty is a Myth’ Wolf wants us to “boycott this singer” (sic).  Perry’s music-video for ‘Part of Me’ gave Wolf the fits because Perry makes out like a marine in the video, causing Wolf to shoot off some PC gibberish, like “glorification of violence.”  Perry responded with a semi-intelligible mishmash of politically-correct buzzwords of her own, like “people’s wellness is way low.”  Yup, playing marines will definitely ‘up’ “people’s wellness,” Katy.

TGIF and I’m off to validate Naomi Wolf’s ‘beauty is a myth’ scriptural axiom by heading for Cabaret Royale off Stemmons . . . see you there,


A mother, a woman, a girl, and a [deleted by ISP censor]

BeyonceHello Men,

Take a back seat: for Ladies Night at the Lyrster is a day early this week.  We’ll look at a mother, a woman, a girl, and a [deleted by ISP censor].

Two chanteuses of rather different musical persuasions have made news splashes for exactly the same dual reasons: new album and a series of shows.  Hello Mama Beyonce and Woman Nicki Minaj.

Beyonce, the mother, is apparently devouring a host of ideas from which to choose her upcoming album, which is in its incipient stages.  What’s a done deal is the shows.  Beyonce will be one of the performers to inaugurate the new Revel Entertainment Center in Atlantic City.  She will give three concerts during the end of May at the Revel’s Ovation Hall with its ‘immersive sound’.  Tickets on sale in April.  Do you have the dough and the luck to score them?

The woman Nicki Minaj’s new album is in a much more advanced stage.  The tracks for ‘Roman Reloaded’ were just revealed.  It has something in common with her debut album ‘Punk Friday’ – oops, I meant ‘*Pink* Friday’! – many tracks are duets and feature guest artistes.  One of them is Chris Brown.  One way or another, Nicki’s face may suffer: either Chris Brown may punch her in the nose or Rihanna may scratch her eyes out.  Minaj’s European fans have something to celebrate: between 8th June and 19th August she’s hitting thirteen cities in nine countries.

Next to the girl, Carly Rae Jepsen.  Carly Who?  Cue Justin Bieber.  Bieber and friends made a video on a track she had recorded; as a consequence, Carly Rae found fifteen minutes of fame.  Now, she and Bieber have had a work date and may rustle up a collaboration for her next album.

In an earlier post I slammed [deleted by ISP censor] Mad-onna’s album ‘MDNA’ as being the same ole, same ole tired stuff (which means a C- grade).  Turns out that the so-called ‘deluxe edition’ of that album has a track titled ‘I F—d Up’.  So the lapsed Catholic has recorded a confessional song!  Finally she’s got it.  Let’s all sing in chorus: “Yes, Mad-onna, you f—d up, yes you have – big time!”

Take it easy,