Justin, Nicki, Whitney — Wow, What a Medley!

Rihanna Ashton Kutcher DatingHi Everyone,

Our Monday Medley had to take a back seat because of the weekend’s Country Music Awards and Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards so let’s do our bits-and-pieces medley today.

You must have heard about Rihanna’s latest gossip-of-the-moment: her, er, developing ‘friendship’ with Demi Moore’s ex, Ashton Kutcher.  Well, Rihanna’s ex, Chris Brown has gone one better, and done it musically.  Brown has really come back from the wilderness as his single ‘Turn up the Music’ has debuted on the U.K. singles chart at no. 1!  The pressure’s all on Ashton now to match that.  Come on Ash, impress your new girl!

Two singers are so hot these days that they just can’t seem to keep out of the news.  They’re Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber.  Nicki because she’s an MTV favourite and Justin because he’s a fan favourite!  And how: the lead single, ‘Boyfriend’, from his upcoming album ‘Believe’, has notched over half-a-million downloads in its first week.  (You’re one of those half-million, aren’t you?!)  This stat puts it in second place for most downloads of a single in its first week of release.

Nicki is just so up and about that she keeps making the news.  Today is the official launch of her new album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’.  Her video for ‘Beez in the Trap’ is also geared for release today, so Nicki’s trying to go two for two.  What’s more, it comes in two versions: one clean-cut, the other one X-rated.  Which one do you want to see, kids?

Last week I expressed my admiration of Les Paul when I blogged about the scheduled auction of his treasures (a few of which changed the course of recorded music).  This weekend some of Whitney Houston’s effects went under the hammer, courtesy of the same auctioneer who will do the Les Paul auction: Julien’s Auctions.  Those of Whitney’s fans who are wealthy enough snapped up Houston’s gowns and dresses.  However, it was two or three items from her role in ‘The Bodyguard’ that were sold for eyecatching figures, none more so than two pair of earrings (i.e. four total) which went for nearly $10,000!  That demonstrates real star power.



Carrie Underwood trumps Taylor Swift and Chris Brown

Merry Musical Monday to you,

We open with a sinner and a saint, each related to music (uhm, purportedly at least).  Chris ‘Bad Boy’ Brown is in trouble with the law again – something to do about a mobile phone being stolen in Miami for which Mr. Brown is a suspect.  In brilliant contrast, Taylor ‘Miss Goody Two-Shoes’ Swift has gone and asked a teenaged leukaemia patient to be her date at a music awards show!  Yahoo News opines that Swift’s gambit is “yet another step in her apparent bid for sainthood.”  Methinks it’s more a case of both of them angling for publicity, each in his/her own inimitable way.

Here’s what I’d like to see for a change: Chris Brown heading out to Calcutta to care for the destitute and the dying, and Taylor Swift getting tipsy, growling a few obscenities, and smacking a police officer.  To me, that would be ‘news’.

Alongwith Brown and Swift, Carrie Underwood has landed on lyrster’s music news blog too, but she’s done it with music . . .

—Time was when the distaff half of C&W cried rivers of tears, walked after midnight, and vowed to stand by their man.  (Remember, anyone?)  Cue country girl Carrie Underwood who threw it all out the window and painted rather an unflattering picture of us men in Before He Cheats.  Now, in her new release Good Girl – guaranteed to rocket up the charts – she growls and moans out warnings to her fair sisters about us no-good cads and bounders!

Carrie’s hot (in more ways than one . . .) and is primed to release her fourth album in May and perform at a music festival in Nashville in June.  Regardless of what this darn man-hating cowgirl says about me and all my brothers, I’d still echo the words of one of C&W’s greatest stars, grand-daddy Hank Williams: “Hey, Good Lookin’!”

Chill out a bit Carrie,