This is Shane at Lyrster calling all Music Fans!

New blogHey y’all!

This is Shane Kendall calling in from the wildest, woolliest port city in the world.  Welcome to – and remember to bookmark us!  Here at Lyrster we’re your one-stop music news and goss shop.  No matter what you like, we’ve got something for you.

Well, all’s quiet on the Britney front . . . but if a wheel comes off Britney’s wagon again, we’ll cover it for you.  (We know that you’re secretly waitin’ for Britney’s wagon to lose a wheel – ’fess up, yer prayin’ for it, ain’t ya?)

And if Lady Gaga says any more ‘gaga’ things about sexuality and riles someone or the other, we’ll give you our two cents worth.  And if she decides to promote herself to ‘Dame Kooky’, we’ll tell you!

Britney and Gaga not your style?  You want the real deals?

Well then, when BMG RCA release their umpteenth outtake/breakdown/false-start of an Elvis session in special collector’s packaging, we’ll inform you.  (We won’t tell you when some looky-loo spots The King on The Strip in Vegas – that happens every night!)

I also got one Gabriel (yup, that one) as my confidant; he’s promised to tell me if Frank, Sammy, and Dean get politically incorrect and cut loose in that Cabin in the Sky, just like they used to at the Villa Venice in their glory years when they were with us.

You one of dem lounge lizards?  Baby, ain’t I got you covered—

Awright, so when Polydor releases the millionth album recorded by that evergreen German music-machine, James Last (‘Hansie’), Lyrster will be on hand to tell you about it.  In the meantime check out his thrilling version of Around the World and see what you think.

Talk about Around the World, one Anunzio Paolo Mantovani recorded a concert hall version (which you may want to compare with Hansie’s version).  If Monty’s family relents and decides to release a few arrangements scored for a thousand strings plus a variety of woodwinds, bells, even vibraphone and whatnot, we’ll announce it.

Tell us what you like – is it Bossa Nova from Brazil or Rachmaninov from Russia?  We’ll try to cater to every taste!

Till then,