For Grandparents and Grandkids Only!

Hello Grandparents and Grandkids,

Welcome to your special blog post this Friday!  For a change, let’s put beauty before age and talk about the grandkids.

Justin Bieber is the featured star on a new single by Far East Movement, taken from a soon-to-be-released hip-hop album.  Billboard estimates that it will generate well over 100,000 sales on the digital charts by the weekend.  Is it the song or is it Bieber’s teeny-bopper sex appeal?  Whichever it is, it ain’t bad for a grandkid, specially as it appears he can steal star billing even when he collaborates with an established act.

Kelly Clarkson is also a ‘grandkid’, relatively speaking.  She’s made news by way of her song ‘Stronger’ hanging around in Billboard’s Top Ten singles chart after earlier being at no. 1, before making a comeback to the top spot.  In other words, ‘Stronger’ got ‘stronger’ on the singles chart over the past week!  It also got ‘stronger’ on the Radio and Digital Charts.  Kelly is clearly no one-hit wonder; she is here to stay on the charts.

Now to Grandpa Engelbert Humperdinck who was having worldwide hits like ‘Release Me’ and ‘Winter World of Love’ before Clarkson and Bieber were even born!  Us Brits are well known for being somewhat un-modern and traditional but I wonder if choosing this 75-year-old grandpa to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest isn’t a bit much?  Just kidding, all you granny-fans!  Engelbert’s a top, top vocalist and we wish him well in bringing the prize to our Sceptred Isle.

We close with a veritable gang of grandparents – The Rolling Stones!  Yahoo Music reports that they will release a “record” in July but, no, it’s not that kind of ‘record’ – it’s a “photographic record.”  This will be a picture book tracking the band’s rise (and, evidently, no ‘fall’). The date is significant because it was in July half-a-century ago (well before any grandkids were born) that these geezers debuted as a band!  Congrats also to Mick & Co.!

Have a good weekend, grandparents and grandkids,