A movie, a Musical, and . . . a Mixture

The Hunger GamesHowdy Folks,

Well, if yesterday’s post was a medley, today’s is a veritable mixture!

You’ve heard of (and probably seen) ‘The Hunger Games’ – it’s one of those movies that just catches the public’s fancy and doesn’t let go.  That record-setting movie has pulled its soundtrack right to the top of Billboard’s Album Charts.  One Direction’s ‘Up All Night’ has been bumped down three places while Adele’s ’21′ is showing real staying power, holding steady at no. 2.  And Whitney’s Greatest Hits is, incredibly, still in the Top Ten.

From movies to musicals.  Would you believe that British singer Susan Boyle now has a musical – no, she’s not playing in it; the musical’s about her!  Boyle is one of those near-unique female singers: one who has neither age nor looks on her side, a shortcoming that is more than made up for by talent and a powerful voice.  Elaine Smith, the actress who plays Boyle in the musical, hit the nail right on the head: “[To be a successful female singer] you had to be tall, thin, blonde, gorgeous, and talent didn’t matter any more, and I think for all of us, myself included, when you see Susan it was about judging a book by its cover.  And it made us all sit back and say ‘Oh wait a minute, talent matters’.”  The musical traces the rags to riches trajectory of the formerly unknown singer.  It has premiered in Newcastle and has been very well received.

A couple of days back I had blogged about Aerosmith and their upcoming swing through North America.  Now the band’s announced a new album; their first in eight years.  It’s scheduled for summer release to coincide with their ‘Global Warming’ tour.  So what do you think – will it get on Billboard’s Top Ten?  Steven Tyler said it’s going to be a “little bit of 1975.”  Calling Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin . . .

As long as we’re talking about 1975, we should extend a ‘Get Well Soon’ to a mid-seventies star: Robin Gibb.  Gibb, who’s been battling cancer has had surgery and is in hospital.  Here’s wishing he’s back on stage or in the studios very soon!