Back in the News: Enrique Iglesias and J-Lo

Jennifer LopezHi Music-Lovers,

What a mixed bag of disparate news items we have today.  Let’s see if I can get some kind of ‘flow’ going . . .

Jennifer Lopez has been out of music-biz news lately.  Her recent, very minor claims to fame have been that she is a judge on ‘American Idol’ and that she and Marc Anthony are ‘untying’ the knot.  Now she’s done a smash-and-grab on the music news headlines: Lopez and her people have announced an honest-to-goodness “world tour” that will kick off in South America this June, and make its way around the globe for about *60 concerts*.  However, it’s not a J-Lo tour; actually it’s an equal-billing duo that will go on tour: Jennifer Lopez and *Enrique Iglesias*!  This pairing just about guarantees that the tour will be a money spinner – and will keep Enrique and Jennifer in the news.

Unlike J-Lo and Enrique, Adele has hogged the music news lately and here she comes again.  On our American shores ’21′ has been a massive hit, setting one or two records on the way.  But her album’s even more of a winner in her home country, the United Kingdom.  After 63 weeks in the U.K.’s ‘Official Albums Chart’, ’21′ has returned to the apex for a 22nd week at the top.  With ’21′s comeback, Adele has broken a record held jointly by David Bowie and Dire Straits for total number of weeks at the pinnacle of British album charts.  That record was 22 weeks, the same length of time ’21′ by itself has spent at the peak.  Add the one week Adele’s debut album ’19′ spent at the top, and Adele now rules the roost in the U.K. charts.

If a singer rules the roost on the police’s charts and blotters, it’s surely Bobby Brown.  About three weeks back I had written about his arrest in California on DUI charges.  Yesterday his lawyers entered a plea of ‘not guilty’ to the DUI charge and a driving on a suspended license charge.  If Brown is found guilty, hey, he could be on the way to setting a new record among singers for arrests and convictions.  Adele ain’t the only one setting records!