Ladies Night at the Lyrster!

Hello out there,

It’s ladies night at the Lyrster!

A news item has it that Rihanna suffered a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ in New York.  The poor chump who wrote the item is totally out of it.  You see, when Rihanna suffers a so-called ‘wardrobe malfunction’, then her wardrobe is functioning properly!  It’s when she does not have what one would consider a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ that her wardrobe is . . . malfunctioning!  Don’t forget just who we’re talking about.

On the other coast, Miley Cyrus reported on duty at The Hunger Games in what is said to be a “midriff-baring outfit.”  Her two-piece black lace outfit is kinda confusing.  Is that a dress or is that lingerie?  It’s an in-between sarong-and-bodice combo, that’s what it is!  Let’s be honest: Miley has a peaches-and-cream complexion and that girl next door look so to see her vamp it up is like, is like . . . well, like seeing Rihanna in a nun’s habit!  What time does the belly-dancing show begin, Miley?

Is Katy Perry going the way of Madonna?  The pre-release sample of “Dressin’ Up” gives a clue.  The oversynthesized generic dance club track just doesn’t deliver.  Isn’t Perry supposed to be a country singer or rock singer?  If so, she should be commended to her 50s Capitol label-mate, Wanda Jackson.  Now that was a true blue rock ‘n’ roll singer and country singer, and, boy, did she have some pipes!  Katy, forget Madonna and let’s see if you can sing like Wanda.

Let’s close with a female singer who’s just unreal.  Meet Japanese pop sensation Hatsune Miku.  Her concerts in Japan are not only packed to the rafters, they’re shown in cinemas out in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and fans even fly to Japan from other countries to attend her concerts.  Problem is that Miku is really ‘unreal’ – she doesn’t exist!  It’s a computer-generated singing programme whose songs and singing are controlled by her ‘fans’.  It’s a Brave New World in Japan.

So, to wrap up, we have Rihanna and Miley having adventures with wardrobes, the former upto her usual, the latter, something unusual.  And we have Katy Perry as Madonna, and Hatsune Miku as . . . well, nothing!  Which one’s to your taste, fellows?