The Twelfth of Never starring . . . the Obamas!

Hey thereObama!

Let’s start off with a question:–

Q.  When did or when would *both* the President *and* the First Lady smash their way into *Music Biz* news?

A.  On “The Twelfth of Never” (That’s an awesome song, kids; try the Johnny Mathis version.)

Well, it’s the Twelfth of Never today, and in the starring roles are a fellow with the handle ‘Barack Obama’ and a woman who goes by the name of ‘Michelle Obama’.  Two singers are merely the supporting cast: Beyonce Knowles and Kanye West.

The President suddenly seems to have strong competition for the affections of his lady love, for it doth appear that one Beyonce Knowles is trying to steal her away.  Beyonce very publicly wrote “Love Letters straight from the heart” (that’s another song to check out) to Michelle, posting it on Tumblr.  Beyonce called the First Lady some things her husband must have whispered when they were courting: “loving,” “caring,” “humble,” “truly strong,” “role model,” etc., etc., etc.  After hearing all that, Michelle is probably whining to Barack, “You Don’t Bring me Flowers Any More.” (Song alert!)  Beyonce! Now don’t go being a homebreaker, okay?

In stark contrast to the love-fest between the females, it appears a case of no-love-lost between the men.

President Obama was distinctly unamused with Kanye West’s shenanigans (indeed, he was quite obnoxious) in disrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at MTV’s VMA in September 2009 (and there was a Beyonce connection there, coincidentally).  Barack was so unamused that he had opined that West was “a jackass.”  Bulls-eye; yours truly agrees.

Now, Yahoo News has put out an item about a just-published interview in Atlantic magazine in which Barack was pressed by the interviewer to provide a more well-rounded description of West.  Putting it all together, here’s the Prez’s revised opinion: Kanye West is a “smart, talented jackass.”  Barack, you got only one out of three on that one.

Over to Master ‘Jackass’ West . . . .