Of The Beatles, Ringo, and ringtones

Howdy folks,

Can scarcely believe it’s Friday already!  Been a busy week in MusicLand.

The news today has to do with The Beatles and a Beatle.  The Beatles used electric, amplified guitars but their music was not synthesized; what went on tape was not too different from what you heard.  This week, both The Beatles and a Beatle have entered the synthesizer era.  All of The Beatles 27 U.S. and U.K. chart-toppers are now on sale on Apple’s iTunes Store in the form of half-minute ringtones.  After protracted negotiations, the likes of I Want to Hold Your Hand and Ballad of John and Yoko are now synthesized and ready for your iPhone or other ‘iDevice’.  The news sure makes me ‘feel fine’!

And from ring-tones to Ring-O, our ‘a’ beatle.  Drummer for The Beatles, Ringo Starr was the first during the band-members’ post-Beatle solo careers to score a surprise hit with You’re Sixteen, You’re Beautiful, You’re Mine.  Since then he has released several albums and now makes his maiden foray into solo production on his album Ringo 2012.  Far removed from the days with John, George, and Paul, with George Martin in the studios, Ringo’s modus operandi now is to lay down bass and chord patterns using a synthesizer and turn it over for formalization – tempo, changes, and such.  It’s only after that’s complete that Ringo gets on the skins and adds the drums.  And then, later, melody instrument tracks are ad-libbed and added.

Yesterday (‘Yesterday’?!) I mentioned Les Paul & Mary Ford and Kay Starr.  Today, MetroLyrics has tweeted a lyric from Come On Eileen by 80s pop group Dexy’s Midnight Runners – and it’s about the ‘Prince of Wails’, Johnnie Ray, who smashed Billboard chart records with his superhit Cry.  Are the 50s set for a mini-revival?

For today, Let it Be,