Crazy-Sex Friday! (That’s what Fridays are for)

Lady GagaHowdy out there,

Thanks, Gaga – you’ve made a slow news day into a kooky (or ‘gaga’) news day!

Lady Gaga’s prurience and her preoccupation with same-gender sexuality has caused an upwelling of protest in, no, not Saudi Arabia or Iran, but, South Korea, of all places.  The protestors’ term for the prurience and preoccupation: “pornography” and “homosexuality.”  These protestors belong to several Christian groups in a country with a devoted and faithful Evangelical Protestant demographic numbering around twelve million.  ‘The Christian Council of Korea’ does not want Gaga’s ‘homosexual’ attitudes polluting Korean culture.  Don’t blame the Koreans, the Christians, or anyone else – Gaga could generate controversy in Antarctica!

Perfect transition to Queen and Freddy Mercury, poster boys of the, er, shall we say ‘alternative lifestyle’.  Offbeat actor Sacha Baron Cohen decided that he wants to play Mercury in a biopic and took his idea to Brit-American producer Graham King.  King jumped at the chance to ‘do’ Queen and the movie is on!  Freddie Mercury was a larger-than-life character who was ‘out there’ so it will be interesting to see what angle the script will take on this polarizing singer.

To close out this sex-oriented blog post, we go to One Direction’s Harry Styles and The Bieb.

The Bieb has announced that he ain’t gonna marry Selena anytime soon and says he wants to “have a family” “in ten years.”  That gives some hope for all the dreamy-eyed Beliebers out there.  Any of you girls think you can displace Selena by 2022?

Young Master Styles has no interest in marriage; instead he has expressed his desire to bed a duo of Kates – Moss and Winslet – plus Ms. ‘Binbag’ Jolie.  There’s perhaps a tiny chance Master Styles may make one score but the hat-trick of his dreams?  Million-to-one odds!