A Monday Medley

Hello out there,

Another week and another Mixed-Bag Monday for us.

The breaking news of the minute has to do with none other than that ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson.  The Jackson Estate and Sony Music had cut a deal worth a quarter-billion dollars to release up to ten albums worth of unreleased songs and outtakes.  In a ‘Thriller’ of a criminal case in England, it was revealed that some unknown quantity of Jackson’s music had been stolen from Sony’s computer systems.  The theft is alleged to be as large as tens of thousands of files.  Why, oh why are these hackers doing all this?  Well, we all love Jacko, so they . . . Won’t Stop Till We Get Enough!

Is it just me or is Electro-Pop getting nostalgic for the good old days and getting retro?  Sky Ferreira, who made a bit of a splash last year and then vanished, is all set to make a splash again.  She has just released ‘Lost in My Bedroom’, a jazz-inflected and pretty well performed and produced track from what will be her debut album, ‘Wild at Heart’.  Here’s the thing, though: a bass riff in Bedroom is strangely reminiscent of the well-known and humourous bass lick from ‘Son of My Father’, Chicory Tip’s hit from 1972 . . . when Sky’s parents were little kids!

Talk about guitar licks, only a few days back I talked about how the Beatles and Apple have ‘Come Together’ in two ways: We have the Complete Remastered Beatles on iTunes and a tasty assortment of The Fab Four’s no. 1 hits as ringtones.  Now, the Beatles-Apple combo have made it a hat-trick!  Guitarists who’re reading this post will be interested to learn that Guitar World’s ‘Lick of the Day’ have introduced two ‘lick packs’ with the Beatles’ guitar thrums.  These packs are playable using LickOfTheDay app, available at the iTunes store, on iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.  The licks are demonstrated by ‘name’ guitarists.  The app also displays staves and notes, and provides further info.

Our time’s biggest musical name – MJ – and our parents’ era’s most famous band – The Beatles – sandwiching a near-unknown who just might be on square one to fame and fortune.  Not bad for a Monday, eh?

Give ’em all a listen on your iPods,