Starring Taylor Swift, Miss America, and The Beach Boys

Taylor SwiftHi Music-Loving Kids,

You know who Taylor Swift is, of course, but how about Joni Mitchell?  Drawing a blank?  Hint: Ask your parents.  Joni Mitchell was a singer-songwriter-guitarist who descended from and was influenced by that great Hippy Movement.  Now, nice and wholesome Taylor Swift wants to play Mitchell in a movie called “Girls Like Us.”  I wonder if strong-minded Joni will nix this casting against type?

Your parents would definitely know about The Beach Boys too, the kings of 60s bubble-gum music.  Now these oldies are getting together again for their 50th anniversary.  They’ve got a new album coming out but what’s more, they’re going off on a ‘reunion tour’ which gets underway *today* and is booked through to mid-August.  Ya know, this thing about grampas wanting to do it one more time seems to be a contagious disease, doesn’t it?  I devoted a whole blog post to it and now we have these septuagenarian California boys wanting to raise a shindig in Japan!

From California to the Heartland of Nashville, and the CMT Music Awards nominees were announced yesterday.  The news is all about the women; Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift, because they’ve got the noms.  But it’s a really crowded pack and I think either Kenny Chesney or Jason Aldean (or both) will spring an upset in one of the open categories.

Music Industry lawsuits – you know the royalties thing – have taken a new twist.  The widow of the composer who wrote the signature tune for the Miss America pageant has sued the Miss America Organization for failing to pay licensing fees.  Oh well, that tune was getting old anyway; time to get something new.  How about a vocal for a change – say a trio between Taylor, Carrie and Rihanna titled ‘Sweet, Sexy and Sleazy’?  Gets across the different facets of Miss America pretty well too . . .

Sweetly Yours,


Forget ‘Taylor Swift’ — Queen Taylor Rules!

ACMHey Y’All we’re talkin’ about the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards today!

The ACM Awards were held on Sunday in Las Vegas. In what was a night of upsets, country music star Kenny Chesney who was a multiple-nominee failed to win a single award while a few underdogs had their day, no one more than Miranda Lambert who scooped up two biggies: ‘Top Female Vocalist’ and ‘Album of the Year’.  Is Lambert on the way to becoming a household name?

Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson also picked up two awards, though that was certainly not unexpected.  Interestingly, both Aldean and Clarkson’s two awards were shared and were for the same recording!  Their duet “Don’t you Wanna Stay” won ‘Single of the Year’ and ‘Vocal Event of the Year’.  Perhaps Kelly ‘Stronger’ Clarkson’s next single will be ‘From Strength to Strength’!

The night, however, surely belonged to Queen Taylor, the ‘anti-Rihanna’, free of controversy, scandal, and smut.  She won her second ‘Entertainer of the Year’ award in a row, no doubt helped by her clean, wholesome image.  Here’s an interesting coincidence: the only other woman to win two Entertainer of the Year awards is Carrie Underwood – and she performed at the awards, singing, of all songs, ‘Good Girl’.  Hmm, isn’t Queen Taylor a ‘good girl’ of a kind, more accurately a ‘nice girl’?!

Nice Girl Queen Taylor told her subjects, “I respect you so much and I love you.”  Typical ‘Taylorese’!

Taylor was also feted the previous night at Nickelodeon’s annual Kids Choice Awards (KCA).  If anything, the event had more heavyweight starpower than the ACM Awards – would you believe Will Smith (emcee), supermodel Heidi Klum, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Halle Berry, and First Lady Michelle Obama?  Crazy!

The kids’ choice, royally slimed with green goo at the climax, was Bieber (surprise, surprise!).  However, for her good works, Queen Taylor took the award – the KCA blimp – for ‘The Big Help’.

What a weekend for Taylor Swift.  Queen Taylor Rules!

See ya!


Of Yin and Yang – i.e. of Rihanna and Taylor Swift!

Hello out there!

On this Tuesday the music news whiplashes back to Whitney – and wouldn’t you know, Rihanna is in the mix – again!  Whitney Houston’s mentor and producer Clive Davis is getting a biopic project off the ground and among the ladies who’re favourites to play the lead is – as one might expect – Jennifer Hudson.  But, somehow, Rihanna is seen as the frontrunner to land the role and she sure is angling for it.  I ain’t so sure – it sounds to me like yin wants to play yang . . .

On to the real ‘yang’, sweet and demure Miss Taylor Swift.  This news item is about Taylor’s voice and it’s also about the movies – yet it’s not about her singing nor her acting!  Fact is that Taylor Swift is doing the voice-over for a character in the animated movie The Lorax (based on the children’s book by Dr. Seuss).  Swift does the voice for Audrey in Lorax, set for release on Friday.  MTV’s take: “the character of Audrey is fun, bubbly, curious and a big fan of trees.”  If that is so, then – exactly unlike Raunchy Rihanna playing Whitney – Taylor voicing Audrey is true-to-life casting!

At last!— Madonna has broken into lyrster’s music news blog – yipee!  She has just released a single, Girl Gone Wild.  Not much to say about just another ho-hum synthesized dance track but some psychology seems to be in order:–  Seems to me like our dowager is suffering from a female Peter Pan Complex, eh?  I mean – notwithstanding the plastic and botox – at her age shouldn’t she be singing a song titled “Grandma Gone Wild”?

Only a few days back I blogged about my fellow Merseysiders, The Beatles.  Shall we update one of their songs to . . . “Granny Madonna”?

Ta ta!

Shane I. (for ‘Insightful’) Kendall


Carrie Underwood trumps Taylor Swift and Chris Brown

Merry Musical Monday to you,

We open with a sinner and a saint, each related to music (uhm, purportedly at least).  Chris ‘Bad Boy’ Brown is in trouble with the law again – something to do about a mobile phone being stolen in Miami for which Mr. Brown is a suspect.  In brilliant contrast, Taylor ‘Miss Goody Two-Shoes’ Swift has gone and asked a teenaged leukaemia patient to be her date at a music awards show!  Yahoo News opines that Swift’s gambit is “yet another step in her apparent bid for sainthood.”  Methinks it’s more a case of both of them angling for publicity, each in his/her own inimitable way.

Here’s what I’d like to see for a change: Chris Brown heading out to Calcutta to care for the destitute and the dying, and Taylor Swift getting tipsy, growling a few obscenities, and smacking a police officer.  To me, that would be ‘news’.

Alongwith Brown and Swift, Carrie Underwood has landed on lyrster’s music news blog too, but she’s done it with music . . .

—Time was when the distaff half of C&W cried rivers of tears, walked after midnight, and vowed to stand by their man.  (Remember, anyone?)  Cue country girl Carrie Underwood who threw it all out the window and painted rather an unflattering picture of us men in Before He Cheats.  Now, in her new release Good Girl – guaranteed to rocket up the charts – she growls and moans out warnings to her fair sisters about us no-good cads and bounders!

Carrie’s hot (in more ways than one . . .) and is primed to release her fourth album in May and perform at a music festival in Nashville in June.  Regardless of what this darn man-hating cowgirl says about me and all my brothers, I’d still echo the words of one of C&W’s greatest stars, grand-daddy Hank Williams: “Hey, Good Lookin’!”

Chill out a bit Carrie,