Thursday’s bits and pieces blog

Hello Music Lovers,

It’s a bits and pieces blog today on a relatively uneventful day in the music biz.

You wouldn’t think that Lady Gaga and Harvard go together but you’d be wrong.  The singer and the big ‘O’ went to Harvard and launched a new touchy-feely foundation.  Enough of the flip remarks.  Gaga wants to promote kindness and compassion and stamp out bullying and meanness.  Her goals are laudable.  However, one must wonder why such a setup had to be inaugurated at Harvard?  Inner-city schools infested with vice could use Gaga’s foundation.  Let’s hope that this new foundation does its work where its needed most.

The headphones people – that’s Sennheiser of course – are looking to blow in your eardrums at Austin, Texas between 14 and 16 March.  They’ve lined up no less than 33 bands to perform over those three dates, eleven per day.  The concerthon is in conjunction with Paste Magazine and is to be held at The Stages on Sixth.  Sennheiser can give you head-sets, but to attend this killer concert, you need hard guts!

Adele set an iTunes first when her album 21 went double platinum on the online music store.  What with the momentum she has on Billboard’s charts, she just may set a record on it too but the Billboard mention surely belongs to the artiste in no. 2 position: Whitney Houston!  Her GH album retains its hold on ‘place’ position.  Now we all know that Adele has two albums (21 and 19) in the Top Ten – to be expected.  But who’s got three?  Whitney!  Besides GH, which is in its third week, today “Whitney Houston” and “The Bodyguard OST” have landed in the Top Ten.

There’s been another death in the music family.  Davy Jones, lead singer of The Monkees, passed away in Florida from a heart attack.  The Monkees, a television staple, were one of the British boy group bands that had been spawned by Beatlemania.  This British ‘Bubble Gum’ band charted a few hits like “I’m a Believer” back in the 60s.

RIP, Davy.