Titillating Tuesday with Lady Gaga ‘n’ Rihanna!

Hi you goss hounds!

On Friday the 17th I made a heartfelt plea: “Looking ahead to next week, Britney, Gaga, and Madamadonna, where are you? We need your antics to fill these blog posts! Puh-leez run out to your car in your undies (or knickers, as we call ‘em back in jolly old England), say something wacko or otherwise spice things up.”   Thankyou-thankyou-thankyou Lady Gaga ‘n’ Rihanna for answering our prayers!

Gaga has lived up to her name! (So what’s new?) —She has claimed demoniacal possession!

“A devil force was trying to take hold of me,” Gaga enlightens us.  “The Devil is trying to take me . . . . I’m a good girl!”  OK now – the part about the Devil getting a crush on Gaga is quite probable – we agree.  But that part about her being a “good girl,” hmm, now that’s debatable . . . .

Now instead of hiring a Catholic priest, Gaga has gone rather a different route.  Enter The Exorcist in the form of none other than that all-purpose huckster – er, servitor – to the stars, the inimitable Deepak Chopra.  Does all this mean that Gaga’s head will do a 180-degree turn, she’ll spit green goo, and that Chopra will eventually leap out of a window?  Stay tuned to this blog . . .

OMG reports on that evergreen topic of Rihanna and her pins, saying that she “showed off some serious leg” in a gown that was slit to the hip.  That report seems faulty to us on two major points.  (1) Rihanna wasn’t showing just “some” leg, it was more like all of one leg.  (2)  Nothing about the leg seems “serious” or sober to me; rather, it seemed inviting, if anything.  This sort of inaccuracy in news reporting is deplorable.  In any event it’s only a matter of time before the girl gets arrested somewhere or the other (on charges of public indecency).

OMG also implied that Rihanna is again involved with Chris Brown.  Bad match.  Matchmaker Shane Kendall’s ideal couple: Rihanna and Austin Powers . . . .

Tit-illatingly Yours,



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