Whitney, Our Tragic Valentine

Hello Music-Lovers,

Twenty-four hours ago I submitted my first post for our up-and-coming news section of the website.  In it, I was breezy and a little flippant, thinking I’d be at least as breezy and flippant in my next post.  It turns out that I’ll only be sedate and sombre: for I just found out that Whitney Houston has passed away.

Whitney burst into us music-lovers’ attentions as a very young, inexperienced woman; perhaps even more inexperienced and less coached than some of the well-coached no-talents we see on American Idol and the like.  But she hadn’t needed experience or coaching, though, because she had the goods: a rich yet delightfully feminine voice that eventually spanned a zillion octaves and an innate sense of melody and rhythm.

Whitney broke out a lifetime ago with Saving all my Love for You, that lovely love-song that was a slow-dance favourite.  Though already a big selling artiste, she really hit big time some years later with her pyrotechnic scorcher, I Will Always Love You.  Seldom does one hear an artiste in her prime flex her vocal muscles and incredible range in so tasteful and musical a fashion; so meaningful a fashion.

Whitney Houston had become a household name before the hit-making likes of Gloria Estefan and Mariah Carey had broken out.  She was very much the ‘nice girl’ who used to be associated with clean living.  But after her unpopular marriage to Bobby Brown, her life went a little (a lot?) off-kilter.  Unknown elements like booze, drugs and violence entered her life, and the sensitive, clean-living woman probably just didn’t have the gritty, hardscrabble core to deal with all that trash.  Near the end Whitney could barely belt out half-a-dozen songs in a concert before losing her breath and timing.

There’s nothing to do now but reminisce, listen to the music, and say: We will Always Love You.

In Memoriam to Whitney, our Tragic Valentine,



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